Do you keep getting hooks and slices?

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Date 2020-11-09

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Checkthe setup position and position of the sensor.

If youusually swing with an open or closed club when you address, you may get a hookor slice when you swing with a tittle X.

Thishappens when the event of impact, the wrist release is either too much orinsufficient to regsiter an accurate and square hit.

Modifythe position so that the sensor is correctly centered during setup and view theposition of the sensor during impact release.


Let's try Fade or Draw

Thereare various sensors that analyze swing on the market, and the closer the sensorto the club head, the more accurate it is. 

It's highly likely that the methodof attaching it to the back of the club is less accurate.

The tittle X is located on the club shaft with highaccuracy and can take various control shots.

Various control shots arepossible by opening and closing the sensor's position to the right and left.

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